AZ GOP delegate to break from Trump vote at national convention next week

"Simply put, he doesn't represent our party and he can't win in November," Lori Hack wrote on her Facebook page. "Not only do the moral objects to his candidacy run deep, but his positions are also absolutely untrustworthy. He speaks by the seat of his pants and floats ideas out into thin air only to retract them the next day when they are ill-received."

"It's not that Trump isn't our preferred candidate or that we're sore losers because our guy didn't win," Hack continues. "Donald Trump has only - conveniently - become a Republican in recent years ... The delegates need to be free to choose a different nominee so that we can win in November and set the Supreme Court on the right side of the future."

In a letter to Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham, Hack referred to herself as an "unbound delegate who is heading to Cleveland to vote my conscience."

Earlier this month, Arizona delegate Jarrod White publicly suggested he will not support Trump.

White was quoted by Fox News as saying that if Trump wasn't so controversial or divisive, he would be okay backing the presumptive nominee.

Instead, White has affiliated himself with a group known as "Free the Delegates," which is encouraging delegates to disregard current party regulations.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham told the online publication The Inquisitr that the movement to strip Trump of Arizona delegates is illegal.

"I have the law and the rules on my side," Graham was quoted as saying. "And it's not to be unfair, it's just to manage this entire process and maintain a professional decorum."