Donald Trump Claims His Fundraising Is Now Only 50 Percent Weaker than Mitt Romney's

Trump's improved fundraising fortunes still leave him behind the presumptive Democratic nominee, who raked in an additional $68.5 million in June. Nonetheless, Trump's haul will comfort that portion of the Republican Establishment that is fine with nominating a pseudo-fascist, just not one who can't raise money.

According to the mogul's campaign, the June haul is split between $26 million obtained via fundraising emails, $25 million through events with the RNC, and $4 million from the self-identified billionaire's own wallet. The Washington Post, reports that most of that $26 million was generated in just the last ten days, when the campaign began aggressively soliciting funds from supporters (and befuddled foreign politicians) over email.

Trump's fundraising woes have always been a bit mysterious: Considering the size and intensity of his online following, cultivating an army of small-dollar donors would seem like an easy task for a major-party campaign. The presumptive GOP nominee's June fundraising suggests that it is, in fact, an easy task, just one that Trump hadn't bothered doing until now.

It's worth noting that the June numbers aren't being reported from FEC documents but from the campaign's own disclosures. It's conceivable that Trump could be exaggerating his fundraising prowess.

It's hard to imagine why his campaign would do that, since lying would only create a wave of terrible press when those FEC documents actually become public- right in the middle of the GOP convention. Then again, that is exactly the sort of thing a garbage fire would do. 

By Eric Levitz, New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer