Trump Campaign Loses in Federal Court

“The right of delegates to vote their conscience won today,” declared Delegates Unbound co-founder Eric O’Keefe. “The Trump campaign joined forces with the Democratic party to strip delegates of their authority over the presidential nomination process, in opposition to the entirety of Republican Party history and the Constitution.”
The vice chairman of Trump’s Virginia campaign, John Fredericks, filed to intervene in a lawsuit by Virginia Republican delegate Beau Correll. Correll sued to ensure all Virginia delegates to the Republican National Convention maintain their right under Republican National Committee rules and bylaws to cast ballots for candidates according to their conscience.

“Delegates are free to vote their conscience and no amount of intimidation by the Trump campaign or meddling by Democrats in the Republican process will change that fact,” said Virginia Republican delegate Beau Correll. “Requiring delegates to vote for any candidate is unconstitutional and today’s announcement is a blow to Trump’s efforts.”

"Today's decision should give comfort to all delegates that they cannot be punished for voting their conscience at the Republican National Convention," said David Rivkin Jr., an attorney for Correll."  "The Court's decision follows more than 40 years of precedent in firmly rejecting Donald Trump's legal opinion that delegates are obligated by law to vote for him. The law is clear: delegates enjoy the same freedom of speech and freedom of association that the First Amendment guarantees to all Americans," Rivkin added. 

View the ruling here