Kristol: 'Last Chance' for GOP to Back Effort to Unbind Delegates

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol has called on Republican leaders to support the effort by hundreds of delegates to be allowed to vote their conscience at the GOP convention later this month.

Declaring it the last chance to stop Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination, Kristol used the theme of July 4 to bring home his message, asking if "some of the spirit of the Declaration still survives in today's Republican leaders … to declare that the convention delegates 'are, and of right ought to be, free and Independent.'"

Kristol, who has been one of the main GOP critics of Trump, said the move to unbind the delegates has gained more momentum than was thought possible, but that Republican leaders must do their part to counter the intense pressure from Trump and the Republican National Committee hierarchy


He emphasized that these leaders did not need to attack Trump publically, but that delegates risking their careers by challenging the presumptive nominee do need support in order to have a chance to succeed. Politico reports that the movement to deny the real estate mogul the nomination has grown stronger and party insiders who had been skeptical of the anti-Trump movement's ability are now more convinced that the rebel delegates will mount a serious challenge. However, the attempt is still seen as an uphill battle.

By Brian FreemanNewsmax